Marc and David.
Two photographers.
One team!

What makes us unique is the combination of our specialist fields transportation and people photography capturing automotive images through the eye of a people photographer and vice versa. By fusing our knowledge and experience we are much more flexible and we shoot images that are authentic and animated. Our expertise allows us to shoot lifestyle images with two cameras simultaneously from two different angles to capture that one perfect moment. We joined forces in 2013 and ever since we‘ve been working for international agencies, magazines and clients all over the globe.

Marc and David GbR
Alter Schlachthof 27 − 76131 Karlsruhe − Germany
Marc +49 (0) 163 697 75 79 − David +49 (0) 163 803 30 03 − UST-IdNr. DE287290960

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29 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière − 75009 Paris − France
Nicolas Billon +33 (0) 680 573 389