Brutus is an experimental body of work turning over the usual procedure of photography and take it to the extreme.

In our daily business it’s all about timing and sometimes it’s a real struggle to bring all elements of a picture to the same place at the same time. 

It all starts with finding the perfect location where everything fits. The background, the colour, the floor and the direction of the location to have the wanted light at least once per day. This most of the time sets the locality. Now you need a talent, a stylist for the talent and in our case as transportation photographers we need a car. All together at the same spot at the same perfect time. 

With Brutus we turned this upside down. We striped down the images we wanted to shoot to its single elements, the background, the floor, the talent, the styling and the car. We photographed all these elements just where they were located at the time they were available. So we photographed 11 backgrounds at 11 different locations in 3 different countries, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal at the perfect time for each location.

Then we photographed a car in Munich and the talent in Rotterdam with clothes that were assembled remotely by a stylist from Berlin. We captured different floors wherever we found one interesting. We payed attention to photograph all elements for one final picture from the same point of view so they perfectly fit together. 

In the end we had for each motif, 4 different pictures. To fairly illustrate our approach and to take it to the extreme, we decided to print all 4 pictures and arrange them physically. Therefore we cut out the elements very roughly so you can still see their original background and putted them on top of each other with a distance to symbolize their spacial separation. 

The results are 11 exceptional pictures that challenge our viewing habits.